Delaware is ahead of game

If you want your child to make a difference with their lives, or make a good living, or both, suggest they look into a future in STEM — science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Today, the United States faces a future much like in the 1950s, where the most important and best jobs will be in the STEM fields.

As the global economy turns increasingly competitive, countries and businesses are investing heavily in high-tech industries such as clean energy, biotechnology and national security.

John Doerr, a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley who was on the ground floor of Amazon and Google, says clean energy alone will be three to four times larger than the Internet. China , after years of foot dragging, turned like a dime in September 2009, when President Hu Jintao declared at the United Nations that China was committed to being a leader in clean energy. They saw where the major industries and jobs of the future will be.

Fortunately, for students here, from kindergarten through college-level, Delaware is a leader in STEM education. Existing and new businesses in Delaware will require STEM graduates. Start today to help your child find out how to build a future in STEM.

Originally published 10 Apr 2011 on