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27 March 2016

Individuals are sometimes honored with having their names put on legislation at all levels of government, usually as a response to someone’s illness or to a wrong being righted. A bill signed March 18, by President Obama bears the name of a Delawarean, Ted Kaufman.

4 November 2015

Ted Kaufman was in his 70s when he was sworn in as a U.S. senator. He seemed mellow, relaxed – perhaps because he knew that his first two years on the floor would be his last.

United States Senate Oral History

19 November 2014
30 March 2014

University of Delaware Senator Ted Kaufman Papers

29 August 2012

Dr James Stoker interviews Ted about his role in the history of financial regulation.

30 November 1999

The abstract for Sen. Kaufman’s 60 Minutes story on high-frequency trading.